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Supporting Peace Warabe Japan

Your support is crucial to host a summer camp and establish a school that will accept children who have lost the opportunity to receive further education due to conflicts and natural disasters and to help them become social innovators in their own right. We at Peace Warabe Japan have developed a number of methods to support this project. Please consider donating using one of these ways.



You can decide when and how much you wish to donate.

For those who wish to use a credit card to donate.

For those who wish to donate by postal or bank transfers.

Postal Account

Account No. 00160-3-179641
Payee: Tokutei Hieiri Katsudo Hojin Piisu Uinzu Japan
Please write in space provided: Project for Educational Support for Children from Japan and Abroad (国内外の子どもの教育支援事業)

Bank Account

Bank Name: Hiroshima Ginko Yuki Branch (Branch No. 118)
Account No. Futsu (Ordinary) Account 3029477
Account Name Tokuhi Piisu Uinzu Japan (Peace Winds Japan)