peace warabe

Peace Warabe Japan is a new project to provide support for education and basic living being
undertaken by Peace Winds Japan, a recognized Non-Profit Organization that has provided
assistance in and outside of Japan to people suffering from conflicts, disasters, and poverty.

What Peace Warabe Japan is Seeking

Peace Warabe Japan desires a world where children are free from the threat of conflict and poverty, where they can remain hopeful and maintain their dignity. We seek to help children, who are our future, to realize their dreams regardless of politics and economics and to be the ones those who help make an even better society.

Establish the Peace Winds Global Citizens School After 2020

As one of the first projects for Peace Warabe, we intend to establish a school, with dormitories, in 2020 for young people, ages 16-19, from Japan and abroad, with 15-30 students per academic year. Some of the sites we are currently looking at to establish the school includes Jinseki Kogen-cho in Hiroshima Prefecture and Kamijima-cho, Ehime Prefecture, both of which where PWJ currently has ongoing community development projects. In 2018, Peace Warabe plans on conducting a summer school in Jinseki Kogen-cho which will serve as a test case for the curriculum we ultimately hope to develop. Based on the anticipated success of the summer school, we will continue to work on developing an effective educational institution. Our goal is to accept destitute children who have been unable to receive further education due to conflict, disasters, or other unfortunate reasons, provide a high level of education, and work with them to become people who can help solve the various problems affecting the world.

For example, if we have everyone’s support, we can:

Establish a School

Refurbish School Buildings for Children to Learn and Build Dormitories for Them to Live

Provide Scholarships

Provide Scholarships for Children to Study Who Are Unable to Attend School Due to Economic Difficulties


Seek to Establish an IB (International Baccalaureate) School

Please Assist Us (JOIN WITH US) in Establishing the Peace Warabe School to Change the World for the Better

We wish to establish a new school the likes of which we have never seen before that will help solve social problems around the world. We plan on making the school, which will provide educational opportunities to children from conflict zones and disaster areas whose chance to study further has been taken away from them unfairly, in Jinseki Kogen-cho and Kamijima-cho, two places where Peace Winds Japan has ongoing community development projects. Local children and students from all around the world with various linguistic and cultural backgrounds will study together, learning different value systems developing the qualities to become global leaders to solve social problems. We hope the children who graduate from the Peace Winds Global Citizens School will be able to solve with their own hands and heads the various issues afflicting the world. PWJ has been involved in humanitarian and reconstruction efforts in conflict zones and disaster areas for more than 20 years since 1996. Our new goal is to establish this new, unique school. At this school, we will have a diverse international faculty, including instructors who are at the top of their fields, who will educate the next generation of global citizens who can bring about positive changes in society. In addition, the youth will have the chance to experience the work PWJ is already doing around the world in order to further learn about contributing to society. Please join us in helping to establish this school.

Donate Using the Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) System

To help us establish the school in Kamijima-cho in Ehime Prefecture, for those residing in and paying taxes in Japan, you can make a donation using the Hometown Tax system, known as furusato nozei. You can write-off the amount of your donation, minus 2,000 yen, from your income tax and local tax, as well as receive a gift from Peace Winds Japan commensurate with the amount of the donation (there is some paperwork required).

For Those Who Wish to Make a One-time Donation

You can decide when and how much you wish to donate.