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April 23, 2018







What situation are refugees facing?

Is it true that fish from the ocean will end up extinct within a few decades?

What will happen to us if all the polar ice caps melted?

Why do we still have wars? What are people fighting for?


The PW Junior Global Citizen Summer Camp walks young people (aged 12-17) through the questions they have about the world. In the camp, they will be accompanied by new friends from a diverse range of countries, and cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, who all share the same thirst for knowledge and mutual understanding. Under the guide of experienced instructors and renowned guest speakers, participants will learn and explore together, share their own experiences and stories, and find solutions to international challenges alongside their peers. Throughout this process, they will develop greater resilience when enduring hardship, a higher level of problem-solving skills, and enthusiasm to learn and to create.

The camp starts in a mountainous area in the town of Jinsekikougen-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, in Western Japan, and continues on Kamijima-cho, Ehime Prefecture, a beautiful island in the Setouchi Inland Sea. Participants will spend a week together in the green mountains and by the blue water, enjoying fireworks, a delicious barbeque, a concert, and admiring the starry night while sharing stories.


Join us this summer!

Have fun, gain new insights, and begin playing a leading role in positively changing our world’s future.


Why we have arranged the camp…

Sometimes it is difficult even for adults to comprehensively understand the numerous issues affecting the world, not to mention making the right choices to improve it. And with the rise of the use (and misuse) of the Internet, children today are exposed to incomplete and scattered information alongside valuable nuggets of knowledge. The world is becoming noisier and more complicated even though the need to work together for our common destiny is more and more apparent. The young people today are faced with a more challenging world, and notice this situation much more than we did when we were their ages.

It is inevitable that the next generation will be burdened with the world’s current troubles. The question is how should we introduce them to all those unpleasant realities? How should we work with them to face those future challenges?

The purpose of this summer camp is to prepare the next generation with the basic knowledge and capacity to analyze various world issues critically, and to come up with solutions for the sustainable development of all mankind.

During the camp, participants will be introduced to factual information, personal experience, and detailed analysis of the happenings around the world by instructors and guest speakers from specific fields. Together with peers from different backgrounds, our participants will be guided in understanding world issues and exposed to different perspectives while practicing critical thinking and inquiry-based learning in various activities.

We hold the belief that learning is a holistic experience – one must make connections with the surrounding environment and people of different backgrounds to reflect and develop one’s own identity. To achieve this, we are utilizing two locations where residents live vastly different lifestyles. Participants can get close to animals and meet nature lovers in the mountains of Jinsekikougen-cho, as well as have fun together on an island while enjoying the view of the famous Inland Sea.

After the camp, our participants are expected to possess an even greater interest and understanding of the world’s different social issues, to become more passionate in doing good for their society, and to be able to produce wiser solutions that make the world a better place. We look forward to seeing our participants develop as future leaders who bear the vision and compassion to initiate changes that improve the world. 


Throughout the camp, we…

-encourages curiosity and creativity

-stimulate the innate desire to learn

-nurture critical thinking and analytical ability

-cultivate imagination and novel ideas

-develop interpersonal skills

-foster experience sharing in a multicultural environment

-incubate future innovator

General Information and Program(me) fee





20 Participants from Japan

10 Participants from outside of Japan

Medium of Communication:



24th to 30th July 2018

Activity Venue:

24th to 27th July – Tiergarten@Jinsekikougen-cho, Hiroshima

27th to 30th July – Kamijima-cho, Ehime

Program(me) Fee:

General Participant – 30,000 JPY

*Tuition, program(me) materials, accommodations, meals and transportation within the camp period are included in the program(me) fee.

Participant from area affected by disaster or war – Waived

Applicant’ parent/ guardian MUST declare their condition by filling in the Financial Aid Application Form. If the declaration shows sufficient ability, we may require the applicant to bear part of the program(me) fee to keep the Financial Aid system just and fair to other applicants.

*Please note that participants will be responsible to arrange and pay for their own transportation to the gathering place (Hiroshima airport/ Fukuyama JR station) and return trip from the dismissing venue. The camp may provide transportation reimbursement for participants from conflict-ridden and disaster-stricken regions after reviewing their financial situations. Self-arranged sightseeing and souvenir shopping expenses are not included in the program(me) fee and will not be reimbursed in any case.  

*Applicants with financial constraints may be eligible for up to 70% reduction of the fee. Please fill in the Financial Aid Application Form and provide the required documents stated on the form.

*If the number of application exceeds the enrollment capacity, the camp holds the right to select participants among them.

Enrollment Deadline:

15th June 2018

Late Enrollment Deadline 30th June 2018


Camp Schedule





24th Jul


Gather at Fukuyama Station


Outdoor- Orienteering and Team-building Games

Guest Speaker Sharing Session

World Challenges(Robert D. Eldridge)

25th Jul


Lecture: Basic Human Rights


Guest Speaker Sharing Session Guest Speaker TBD

Outdoor- Leadership Training and Problem-solving Games

26th Jul


Guest Speaker Sharing Session

Animal-human Relationship (Michitane Sohma, Yukika Sohma)

Outdoor- Handmade Ice-cream/ cheese workshop


Lecture: (1) Environment (2) Human-animal Relationship

Stargazing/ Firefly searching

27th Jul


Traveling from Jinsekikougen-cho to Kamijima-cho


Outdoor- experiencing island life

Outdoor- boat Steering

28th Jul


Lecture: (1) Communication (2) Innovation


International Sports & Cultural Exchange

29th Jul


Guest Speaker Sharing Session

Communication in the digital world (Daisuke Furuta)



Music and Dance

Farewell Dinner

30th Jul


Heading to Fukuyama Station, Goodbye Farewell


Guest Speakers

ROBERT D. ELDRIDGE, Ph.D. Peace Winds Global Citizens School Acting Headmaster

Michitane Sohma, Yukika Sohma Owners of the Sohma’s Ranch

Daisuke Furuta Buzfeed Japan Corporation Founding Editor

Alison So, Ph.D. Candidate The Education University of Hong Kong Guest Lecturer

**Changes may apply during the enrollment period. The final version of the schedule will be delivered to successful applicants 2 weeks before the camp.


Enrollment Procedure


Documents listed below should be sent as attachments to  on or before 15th June 2018.

  1. Completed Application Form

  2. An ID-size photo of the applicant

  3. Recommendation Letter from school (voluntary)

Applicants who wish to apply for financial aid must submit 4) Completed Financial Aid Application Form, together with the above documents in the same email. Late submissions will not be accepted.

An Application Result Notification Email will be sent to applicants and their guardians by email not later than 22nd June 2018. Successful applicants will also receive a (1) parental consent form, and a (2) participant health and physical condition questionnaire at that time in the same email.

Successful applicants will have to deposit the program(me) fee by 6th July 2018.

After finishing the transaction, participants should reply to the Application Result Notification Email with the following documents attached not later than 6th July 2018.

  1. soft copy of the program(me) fee transaction slip

  2. completed parental consent form signed by parent/ guardian

  3. completed participant health and physical condition questionnaire

After the above email is received, a detailed summer camp schedule will be sent to participants.


Important Dates


15th June

Summer Camp Application Deadline, below documents should be submitted.

  a) Completed Application Form

  b) A photo of the applicant

  c) Recommendation letter from school, signed and scanned

  d) Completed Financial Aid Application Form (applicants who apply for Financial Aid only)

22nd June

Check Application Result Notification by Email

22nd June~6th July

Program(me) fee deposit

Before 6th July

3 documents should be submitted by replying to the Application Result Notification Email

  1. soft copy of the program(me) fee transaction slip

  2. completed parental consent form signed by parent/ guardian

  3. completed participant health and physical condition questionnaire

7th July~

Check detailed Summer Camp Schedule


For any questions, please contact:

Peace Winds Japan

Ashina Transit CO., LTD
3-1-28Higashi fukatsu-cho, Fukuyama city, Hiroshima, 721-0974 Japan 
No.2-360 by Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency