peace warabe

February 14, 2019

Achievements of Summer Camp 2018 Participants

Congratulations to Amed for earning a full scholarship to study in United World Colleges!



Amed (17, Syria) has always wanted to become a scientist. After he participated in the summer camp 2018, he decided to contribute in the field of medical science, hoping to serve underprivileged people.


After the camp, Peace Warabe team suggested Amed to apply for the United World Colleges (UWC), a network of 17 colleges around the world devoted to nurture young people to become agents of change in a diverse learning environment. When Amed decided to give a try, Peace Warabe team was more than happy to assist him in the application process. Our acting principal, Dr. Robert Eldridge supported Amed’s decision and recommended him to the UWC.


We recently found out that Amed was selected as one of the UWC scholarship recipients. He is confirmed to start attending one of the UWC colleges next school year.


We are honored to be part of his journey to this great achievement and wish him all the best in his study!

Congratulations to Airi for representing Nara Prefecture in H.I.H. Prince Takamado Trophy All Japan Inter-Middle School English Oratorical Contest!



We will never forget the energy and enthusiasm Airi (15, Nara) brought to the summer camp 2018 and the tears she shed when we had to say good bye.


Recently, we found out that Airi gave a speech about our camp in English at the Nara Prefectural H.I.H. Prince Takamado Trophy All Japan Inter-Middle School English Oratorical Contest. She won the first place and represented Nara Prefecture at the national contest.


We are very proud of her achievement and happy to know that the summer camp 2018 gave Airi an inspiration for the speech. She says her dream is to become an English teacher. Peace Warabe Japan is thrilled to follow her journey as she works toward her goal.

Shuta appointed as the Head of Teen Session of Miyagi, Sendai 2020!



Sendai Miyagi 2020 is a community-driven group aims to provide volunteer service at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games in Tokyo and at the Rugby World Cup 2019. The group also promotes volunteerism.


Shuta (16, Sendai) has been appointed as the head of Teen Session of Sendai Miyagi 2020. The Teen Session is consisted of students and Shuta has been leading his teammates to develop PR strategies, make plans, and maintain the sound operation of the group. His ambition is to create an inclusive environment for all volunteers and bridge the gap between old and young volunteers.


Peace Warabe Japan looks forward to collaborating with Shuta in the very near future!